HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Megatrend Equal Weight UCITS ETF 

“A fund that captures companies at the cross-roads of medicine and technology and who are shaping the future of healthcare" Anthony Ginsberg, CEO, GinsGlobal


Fund Overview

HAN-GINS Indxx Healthcare Megatrend Equal Weight UCITS ETF (WELL) is a UCITS compliance ETF domiciled in Ireland.

WELL tracks the Indxx Global NextGen Healthcare Index, an index designed to capture securities at the cross-roads of medicine and technology which are shaping the future of healthcare.

In a single trade, WELL delivers exposure to over 100 global companies from the following 10 sub-themes: robotics; nanotechnology; genome sequencing; healthcare trackers; biological engineering; bioinformatics; neuroscience; medical devices; telemedicine and healthcare analytics.

Please remember that the value of your investment may go down as well as up and past performance is no indication of future performance. 

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Why Invest?

  • Broad exposure to healthcare innovators

    Healthcare innovations are well positioned to deliver strong growth rates as the traditional healthcare sector is undergoing significant change and modernisation in the wake of Covid and thanks to the availability of new technologies. WELL has been updated in 2021 to include innovative themes such as Telemedicine and Healthcare Analytics, which have both proved immensely important in tackling Covid-19.

  • Capturing growth more efficiently through equal weighting

    WELL avoids concentration in larger stocks by using an equal weighting methodology. This enables smaller yet innovative companies to better to contribute to WELL’s performance. The number of companies in each sector will be capped, subject to avoid an overreliance on any-one subtheme.

  • ESG screen

    WELL only includes companies that comply with the UN Global Compact principles, who are not involved with controversial weapons and who have low fossil fuel exposure.

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