iClima Distributed Renewable Energy UCITS ETF

“Distributed renewable generation is a greener, more cost efficient alternative to an aging and increasingly obsolete, centralised electric power system”.

Fund Overview

iClima Distributed Renewable Energy UCITS ETF is a UCITS compliant exchange traded fund domiciled in Ireland.

Distributed renewable generation is the ecosystem that allows green energy to be created and managed close to the point of use, for example solar panels and smart meters in the home.  This is a greener, more cost efficient alternative to an aging and increasingly obsolete centralised electric power system.  Flexible technologies in distributed renewable generation collect energy from many sources, lowering environmental impact and increasing security of supply.

The DGEN fund tracks the iClima Distributed Renewable Energy Index, providing equal weight exposure to 50 companies at the forefront of the rapid rise of decentralised generation based on renewable sources and storage solutions.

Please remember that the value of your investment may go down as well as up and that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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Why Invest?

  • Increasingly obsolete, centralised grid model

    The rise of distributed energy away from an aging and increasingly obsolete centralised grid model based on large fossil fuel installation has been prompted by the decentralisation of the power sector, combined with the digitalisation of grid controls and energy efficiency, and the decarbonisation of our energy mix.

  • A green alternative to the grid

    Distributed Renewable Energy involves converging decarbonising technologies and includes residential solar panels, energy storage, smart meters, vehicle-to-grid energy (‘V2G’), electric vehicle charging, smart inverters, and software solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage the system. These solutions help with load shifting, peak shaving and increase the overall reliability of the grid.

  • Decreasing cost of renewable energy

    Cost reductions in installing and running solar and battery solutions compared to traditional energy prices, a low interest rate environment and new financing models have made distributed energy much more affordable in the home. This has led to large scale take up across the US and an expected boom in the adoption of residential solar, electric vehicles and heat pumps in the next decade[1] [1] National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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