LTCetc - ETC Group Physical Litecoin

“ELTC delivers physical exposure to Litecoin with the safety and liquidity of an exchange traded product” Bradley Duke, ETC Group

Fund Overview

LTCetc - ETC Group Physical Litecoin (ELTC) is an exchange traded cryptocurrency (ETC) that tracks the price of Litecoin (LTC).

ELTC's primary listing is on Deutsche Börse´s XETRA and is centrally cleared, providing investors with a secure and liquid way to gain exposure to the Litecoin cryptocurrency.  Each unit of ELTC is 100% physically backed and gives the holder a claim on a predefined amount of litecoin. 

ELTC is issued by ETC Group and marketed and distributed by HANetf. The value of your investment may go down as well as up and past performance is no indication of future performance. Your capital is at risk.

Why Invest?

  • An easier way to invest in Litecoin

    Investing in ELTC is as simple as buying shares through your broker or bank. Unlike investing directly in Litecoin (LTC), there is no need to engage with the technical challenges of setting up a cryptocurrency wallet to store LTC* as your units of ELTC are safely held with your broker or bank.   *Investors only need a cryptocurrency wallet if they want to redeem for LTC

  • Invest in Litecoin on a regulated exchange

    ELTC's primary listing is XETRA, one of the largest exchanges in Europe. Investors can trade with confidence knowing that all market participants are strictly vetted and carefully monitored to prevent market abuse unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, many of which are unregulated. The issuer has partnered with world-class liquidity providers to ensure ample on exchange liquidity and tight spreads.

  • Safe Custody

    The issuer stores the Litecoin backing the securities with BitGo Trust Company, a secure, regulated custodian, purpose built for holding digital assets.  Strict KYC and AML standards ensure that the provenance of all cryptocurrency in custody has been vetted.  

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