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NetApp Inc. | Working in the Cloud | SKYY

Company Description

NetApp, Inc. offers hybrid cloud data services for management of applications and data across various cloud and on-premises environments. Headquartered in California, the company was founded in 1992, with an IPO in 1995[1]. Last year, NetApp was named the 2018 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year, recognised for its achievements in the Google Cloud Ecosystem, helping customers build and run applications on Google Cloud quickly and at scale with the right data strategy[2].

Providing software, systems and services to manage and store customer data, NetApp enables businesses, enterprises, service providers, governmental organisations, and partners to deploy, transfer and evolve their information technology (IT) environments with safety. Offering a portfolio of products and services, the company satisfies a range of customer workloads across different data types and deployment models. Its data management and storage offerings help manage business productivity, performance and in turn, profitability, while providing investment protection and asset utilisation.

The company’s FlexPod portfolio includes core enterprise data centres for large clients, while also servicing medium-sized businesses and branch offices, and more select data-intensive workloads.

NetApp is well positioned to take advantage of increasing transfer of data across multiple Cloud platforms, and the company is increasingly focused on the SaaS (Software as a Service) piece of Cloud.

In particular, NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud Platform, jointly developed by NetApp and Google Cloud, provides customers with a powerful file storage service for running applications and analytics in Google Cloud. This service runs enterprise applications and industry-specific workloads across numerous fields, including oil and gas, media and entertainment and life sciences that require high performance and file-based interfaces[3].  

Over 30 leading global enterprise organizations are already using the service to move large workloads to Google Cloud - 10 times faster than other alternative solutions.


NetApp's OnCommand management software controls and automates data-storage.

It is a leader in Cloud SaaS portals, offering built-in monitoring, prediction, recommendations for optimising configurations and performance - for NetApp storage systems based on machine-learning capabilities and artificial intelligence.

It has analytics and telemetry services that can be installed in the Amazon (AWS) cloud and on-premises too.  Its key Cloud products include:

Cloud Backup

Data placed using Cloud Backup can be compressed, encrypted and transferred to object storage systems like Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage or StorageGRID; thus Cloud Backup appears as a transparent gateway for archiving data to a private or public cloud. There are two modes of Cloud Backup operation: with local caching or without. Cloud Backup systems could accept SnapMirror replication from ONTAP systems[4].

Cloud Volumes Services

This service is available via Amazon AWS & Google’s public cloud provider and allows the ability to synchronize data between cloud and on-premises NetApp systems[5]. NetApp claims they can move huge amounts of data in a way that will not generate massive ingress and egress charges – via its SnapMirror technology. 

NetApp Private Storage

NetApp Private Storage (NPS) is based on its Equinix partner provided colocation service in its data centers for NetApp Storage Systems with 10 Gbit/s direct connection to public cloud providers like Azure and AWS.  NPS storage can be connected to a few cloud providers or use on-premises infrastructure. Thus, in the case of switching between clouds, it does not require data migration between them[6].

SaaS Backup

NetApp SaaS Backup (Previously Cloud Control) is a backup and recovery service for SaaS Microsoft Office365 and Salesforce, which provides extended, granular and custom retention capabilities of backup and recovery processes.  NetApp is planning to extend SaaS Backup and recovery service for Google Apps, Slack and ServiceNow.

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync is service for synchronising any NAS storage system with another NAS storage, an Object Storage like Amazon S3 or NetApp Storage GRID using an object protocol[7].

Cloud Secure

Finally, Cloud Secure is a SaaS security tool that identifies malicious data access and compromised users. It provides centralised visibility and control of all corporate data access across hybrid cloud environments for security and compliance goals. Cloud Secure uses machine learning algorithms to identify the working community, abnormal user behavior and unusual patterns compare to other users. Cloud Secure can identify users that have been infected with ransomware[8]. 

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