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Video | The Procure SPACE UCITS ETF launches onto the LSE under the ticker "YODA"


Following the launch of our Space ETF on the London Stock Exchange, Andrew Chanin, Procure Holdings CEO and founder of our Space ETF and Hector McNeil join Proactive to chat about the ETF focused on the space economy.

Chanin and McNeil say the Space ETF, which is floating in London in early June and will be passported for sale across Europe, is the UCITS-compliant sister fund of the original US-listed Procure Space ETF (NASDAQ:UFO). The London-listed fund is launching on the HANetf platform and will track a bespoke index focused on pure-play space companies such as satellite operators and hardware makers, while reflecting the global exposure of the market with more than 80 countries operating in space. 

The S-Network Space Index tracks a portfolio of companies that derive substantial revenue from space-related activities. The companies span multiple economic sectors and are engaged in activities including telecommunications, television and radio broadcasting, rocket and satellite manufacturing and operation, ground equipment manufacturing, and space-based imagery and intelligence services. The index is designed to serve as an equity benchmark for globally traded stocks that are materially engaged in the space business.

Learn more about the fund here 

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