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Video | iClima Earth present monthly CLMA market report for May

iClima Earth's Gabriela Herculano joins Proactive London to discuss their monthly global decarbonisation market report with the highlights including Earth Day & California’s record figure.

California's main power grid hit for the first time, nearly 95% of electricity from renewable energy. The April 24th milestone reached by a State that, with 39 million people and a $2.9 trillion GDP would be the 5th largest economy (right between Germany and the UK).

President Biden hosted a summit with 40 country leaders on April 22nd, the Earth Day. The US made a bold pledge to halve its emissions by 2030 (versus 2005 levels). And China committed to phasing out coal use by 2026 to 2030, pledging that coal use would peak in 2025 and fall thereafter. 

Herculano also goes on to explain Tesla's Elon Musk's role in their decarbonisation mission.

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