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HANetf Exceeds $300 Million AUM

  • Europe’s Pioneering White-Label ETF Platform Breaks Another AUM Milestone
  • RMAU: The Royal Mint Physical Gold Record $1/4 Billion in AUM
  • Distribution reach and fund offering grow over 2020


30 April 2020 - HANetf, Europe’s first ‘white label’ ETF issuer, is pleased to confirm that it has exceeded $300 Million and is now X$327 in AUM as of 27th April 2020.

This AUM milestone represents another significant achievement for the HANetf platform that launched its first ETF in the 4th quarter of 2018. HANetf currently has five asset management clients and seven ETFs/ETCs and is in discussion with over 50 other managers about entering the European UCITS exchange traded product space. HANetf expects this to accelerate as more traditional asset managers see the benefits of the ETF wrapper as investment strategies multiply to include thematics, niche, smart beta and active strategies.

Founded in 2017 by ETF industry pioneers Hector McNeil and Nik Bienkowski, HANetf reduces the barriers to entry to the European ETF market, by providing a full operational, regulatory, distribution and marketing solution for asset managers who want to successfully launch and manage ETFs and ETPs.

The largest fund on the HANetf platform, The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC (RMAU), has also surpassed a record $1/4 Billion in AUM as investors flock to physical gold as a ‘safe haven’ in the face of COVID-19 market uncertainty. RMAU was launched in February 2020 and is unique in that gold is custodied outside of the London banking and clearing system in the vaults of The Royal Mint in Wales, with the Mint providing physical delivery of gold in the form of bars or bullion coins if clients want physical ownership.

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Hector McNeil commented: “We’re proud to have exceeded the $300m milestone. Despite recent market volatility, the long-term outlook for ETFs remains strong as investors seek transparent, cost-effective and liquid portfolio holdings and asset managers modernise and expand their distribution strategies. Since we launched, HANetf has demonstrated that asset managers can bring their ideas, compete and succeed in the European ETF market without the highs cost, complexity and distribution challenges that come with starting an ETF business from scratch. RMAU has proved a fantastic success but what is also encouraging is the majority of ETFs in the HANetf range have added assets this year.”

In recent weeks, HANetf has further announced a rapid expansion of its distribution footprint into European wealth management centres, including registration of six of its products in Austria and passporting of its RMAU gold ETC to the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland.

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