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The Royal Mint Physical Gold ETC (RMAU) Reaches $200 Million AUM

  • RMAU reaches $200million after launching in February 2020
  • Growth of 30.46% [1] since listing on London Stock Exchange in February 2020
  • Physical gold is stored at The Royal Mint’s purpose-built vault in Wales
  • Coronavirus and falling oil and equity prices have spurred investor interest in gold


London, April 2020: The Royal Mint Physical Gold Securities ETC (RMAU) has reached the $200 million AUM milestone just weeks after launch, becoming one of the fastest growing gold-backed ETC in Europe. RMAU has had a growth of 30.46%* since listing on London Stock Exchange in February 2020. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

RMAU is the first financially-listed product to be backed by The Royal Mint and the first physical gold backed ETC to be launched in partnership with a European Sovereign Mint

RMAU allocates gold that has been sourced on a best endeavour basis from the LBMA’s Responsible Sourcing program and is 100% backed by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) good delivery bars. The physical gold associated with RMAU is held in The Royal Mint’s purpose-built vault – one of the UK’s most secure sites. Most other gold ETCs custody their gold at commercial banks so RMAU offers an attractive alternative to investors looking to diversify their custody arrangements.

Gold is often regarded as a safe haven investment in times of market stress and recent concerns around the impact of Coronavirus and dramatic falls in global equity and oil markets have reenergised investor interest in gold.

Andrew Dickey, Precious Metals Divisional Director at The Royal Mint commented:  “We’ve had a great deal of interest in RMAU, as well as our other precious metals investment products, as investors are choosing to allocate more safe haven assets, such as gold, to their portfolios. Gold has traditionally performed well during times of economic volatility and the ETC provides customers with a particularly efficient way to invest in the precious metal.  Investors have also expressed reassurance in the fact that RMAU is backed by real, physical gold which is custodied with us at The Royal Mint.”

Hector McNeil, co-Founder and co-CEO at HANetf, said “Increased interest in gold is no surprise considering the multitude of risks that have emerged so far in 2020. While there are many options for investors looking to buy gold, RMAU provides a distinctive and attractive alternative.  Investors are also safe in the knowledge that their gold is in The Royal Mint’s purpose-built vault in Wales, one of the country’s most secure sites and guarded 24/7. Additionally, RMAU is the only physical gold ETC to be 100% backed by gold certified by the LBMA responsible sourcing program, meaning investors can continue to meet ESG goals while increasing downside protection to their portfolio.”

The RMAU ETC is competitively priced at 0.22% per annum. When you trade exchange traded products, your capital is at risk.

London Stock Exchange  RMAU LN  RMAU.L XS2115336336 BKT7175 USD 
London Stock Exchange  RMAP LN  RMAP.L  XS2115336336  BKT7195  GBP 
XETRA  RM8U GY  RM8U.DE  XS2115336336  BKT71G4  EUR 

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