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30 June 2023

Future of Defence UCITS ETF - Acc

Exposure to NATO and NATO ally defence and cyber defence spending


Fund Overview

Future of Defence UCITS ETF (NATO) provides exposure to the companies exposed to NATO and  NATO+ ally defence and cyber defence spending.
 Global military spending is rising. In 2022, $2.2 trillion was spent on defence —the highest level ever recorded. With the ongoing geopolitical tensions, one area of growth is among European NATO members. But despite such record spending, most European NATO members are still lagging the 2% of GDP target.
 In the 21st century, national security is not just about physical borders and military strength. After invading Ukraine in 2014, Russia carried out a multitude of large-scale cyberattacks on the country.
 Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022, state-sponsored actors have targeted 128 governmental organisations in 42 countries that support Ukraine, highlighting the importance of cyber defence.
 NATO tracks the EQM NATO+ Future of Defence Index. Using a passive, rules-based approach, companies must derive more than 50% of their revenues from the manufacture and development of military aircraft and/or defence equipment or have business operations in cyber security contracted with a NATO+ member country.
 Please remember that the value of your investment may go down as well as up and your capital is at risk. Please see KIID for full details.

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