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Space Techonolgy ETF Key Takeaways | October

Holdings in the News

  • Globalstar inks launch deal with SpaceX to continue providing satellite support for Apple connectivity. 
  • Lockheed  Martin unveils its vision for inflatable, non-metallic space habitats.
  • Rocket Lab opens new engine facility in California after purchase from Virgin Orbit. 
  • Eutelsat completes OneWeb merger expanding capabilities and reach.
  • Trimble inks partnership with AGCO to expand smart farming initiatives.

Macro Outlook

Space and Geopolitics

As geopolitical tensions pick up around the globe, it is important to revisit the critical role that space plays in military conflicts today and into the future. Fighting a war today without space infrastructure is akin to fighting blindfolded.  Satellite companies (manufacturers, launch providers and operators) play a crucial part in surveillance, imagery, and communications. Utilizing satellites for real-time insight and connectivity is a staple technology for defending as well as performing offensive capabilities in the arena of modern warfare. Countries that are unable to generate these solutions internally will be forced to look to partners in geopolitically friendly regions to assist in these endeavours and prevent their own technologies from being captured and/or reverse engineered by adversaries.  

While space is currently critical to military capabilities, in the future, space technology may even play an increased role. Cybersecurity in space will continue to be important for maintaining uninterrupted and secure communications. Offensively, space can allow next generation weapons systems to utilize hypersonic weapons, drone swarms and smart munitions. Defensively, space can provide real-time analytics and anti-missile solutions.   While conflicts around the world seem far from over, one thing has become clear; the race to dominate space has begun and in order to win this domain, governments from around the world will be forced to ramp up space capabilities/investments. 

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Space ETF Performance Table
As of 30.09.2023









Procure Space UCITS ETF 








S-Network Procure Space Index








 Please note that all performance figures are showing net data.
 Source: Bloomberg / HANetf. Data as of 30/09/2023

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