Space Monthly Report | October

24 October 2022

Space ETF Monthly Report: Key Takeaways

Holdings in the News

• Viasat sells military focused asset to L3Harris for $1.96 billion in cash. [1]

• Eutelsat inks deal with Liquid to provide satellite broadband connectivity to customers in Africa. [2]

• SES and United Launch Alliance send 2 more satellites to near-geostationary heights to help with 5G connectivity. [3]

• MDA tapped to design/build Ka-Band steerable antennae for Airbus/OneWeb satellites. [4]

• Gilat selected by SES to help expand company’s SATCOM capabilities. [5]


Macro Outlook

October 4th marked the official start of World Space Week. For over 20 years, World Space Week has brought leaders from the space industry together to educate people around the globe on the important role space plays in the advancement of humanity. The multi-national event which boasts participation from across over 90 countries will celebrate this year with the theme “Space and Sustainability.” As the space industry leaps forward, it is important to appreciate the role space plays in keeping Earth sustainable as well the responsibility we have as stakeholders to keep space and particularly low-Earth-orbit sustainable. [6]

Thanks to advances in satellite technology, we are able to better track both beneficial and detrimental changes to planet Earth in near real-time speed. From sea level heights and droughts to emissions and deforestation, satellites help us monitor numerous activities. So much of what we know about climate change is derived from data generated in space. As important as it is to utilize space for the benefit of Earth, we too must continue to make space a useable asset for the benefit of humanity. While companies send more spacecraft into orbit, the risk and likelihood of collisions increases significantly. Although several companies are striving to create viable solutions for space debris removal, we are not quite there yet. That said, the field of space debris removal, detection and tracking will be essential for governments, military agencies and companies moving forward in order to ensure the sustainability of space for generations to come. [7]


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Space ETF Performance (As of 30.09.2022)








Procure Space UCITS ETF (Acc)







S-Network Procure Space Index







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