Space Monthly Report | February

18 February 2022

Space ETF Monthly Report: Holdings in the News [1]

  • Rocket Lab selected by NASA as one of the launch providers for its VADR Program.  Additionally, Rocket Lab acquired SolAero in a move to increase its solar energy capabilities. 
  • Virgin Galactic looks to raise up to $500MM via senior convertible debt offering.
  • Eutelsat inks deals to provide satellite internet connectivity to numerous African nations including Kenya and Gambia.
  • Arqit Quantum a leader in space cyber security, selected by Australia to assist in UK-AUS Space Bridge Project
  • Maxar satellites show record-setting Canadian trucker convoy and Russian border military build-up from Outer space. 


Macro Outlook

Article 5 of NATOs charter declares that an attack on any one member of NATO shall be treated as an attack on all NATO members. Historically, Article 5 applied to attacks on/in land, sea, air and cyberspace. However, as NATO continues to adapt to everchanging realities, last month, NATO released its first public policy on space. As a result, NATO has just upped the ante to include attacks in space as a domain that could trigger invocation of Article 5. [2]

As geopolitical tensions have increased around the globe, NATO and others have begun to recognise the critical role that space plays for governments, militaries and commercial players alike. Last year, Russia demonstrated its latest anti-satellite missile technology by destroying one of its inactive satellites which resulted in the creation of a dangerous debris field which even threatened the safety of the International Space Station. [3]  NATO describes space attacks as those that originate in space or those that adversely impact assets in space. [4]  Satellites play a critical role in secure communications, observation and navigation among many other use cases. Immediate concerns are focussed on anti-satellite missiles and lasers that could disrupt or even destroy space-based assets.  It is clear that global superpowers and alliances have a reinvigorated interest in space and it may be time that investors too start to pay attention. 


Space ETF Performance (As of 31.01.2022)








Procure Space UCITS ETF (Acc)







S-Network Procure Space Index







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